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We are a place for men by men...come hang out!

Sometimes a man needs to understand there is a place he can relax and be treated well, with respect and character. The Gentlemen is that place. For events, get togethers and more:

  • Place for fun, food and more
  • Selection of fine cigars and goodies
  • Stylish clothing, haircuts and shaves

Our Mission - giving every man the experience he deserves

VIP Membership Have fun. Relax. Enjoy you.
Tailoring That Makes a Difference High-quality, superb-caliber is within reach
Shave, Suit & Cigar Nights It begins with attitude
Shave and Soap Events Stuff you want to do
Fun and Flirty Times Events to remember
A Place for men For a difference that matters
Nights Out And about...
Get Your Groove For a sharp look
Unbelievable Fashion Sense It's right around the corner
Nobody is Left Out Not tonight, not ever
Because you’re awesome Who's the master? You are.

You do things differently

Different Style
Shoes owned
Shaves per year
Grizzley matches
What You Care About
Cost Efficient
Makes an Impact


VIP Membership Packages

Want it all? Get our VIP membership package and gain exclusive deals, space and supreme discounts only members enjoy… (more…)

Groomsday Packages

Our Groom’s Day Package will ensure you are prepared for that most important day! (more…)

We Tailor Men

“God Made Men, We Make Gentlemen”…This quote says it all about our passion to fine men’s Tailoring… (more…)

We Have Space

We have a personalized, comfortable space to call our own… (more…)

We Design What You Need Most

Every man needs something. We can design a package to meet your specific needs, from a night out with the boys to pricat3 parties and corporate events… (more…)


The Gentlemen is the perfect place to relax, kick up your heels and let yourself be a man…as God intended. No worries, now hurries, just space to be…

Franky C., Customer

I’ve always wanted some place I could hang with the guys. Watch a big game, or fights. Found it!

Jack H., Customer

It’s perfect for wedding day prep with the fellas. We were able to get together and get tailored up like a man should. Then, come wedding day, everything was in it’s place. Perfection is right around the corner. You just have to look…

Daniel W., Groom

Cigars, a few drinks, comfy chairs…what more does a man want. Oh, that’s right: a private place to experience uninterrupted fun. Check out the exclusive space at the Gentlemen. You won’t be sorry.

Alex M., Fella

Golf day with the fellas became something unexpected when we set up shop before heading out at The Gentlemen. After a “hard day” at the shop (18 rounds) we were able to come back and relax and wind down. Fun times.

Joe S., Golfer

Are you ready for a NEW SPACE

The Gentlemen - because every man needs a space

At The Gentlemen we believe every man needs pampering some times. And some times you just need a place to call your own. No worries, no hassles. So we’ve created an exclusive club space just for you. Whether you are a groom getting ready for the big day, or a fella just wanting to get set for a “big night”, we’ve got you covered. From tailoring, cigars, scotch and whiskey nights to just hanging out, check out The Gentlemen. Be refreshed. Be Social.


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The Gentlemen
8407 E Broadway Blvd
Tucson, AZ

(520) 955-4608

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