VIP Membership

VIP Membership

The Gentlemen Social Event Club, by II Sons for Men, will pamper you, provide you with a place to relax, rejuvenate and refresh your  mind and body with services like custom tailoring, fresh haircuts, straight-razor shaves and more. There is no other complete place  to get ready for the big event. With your annual membership ($360 a year) you’ll get a haircut and use of the VIP room, plus you also get a bevy of other amazing benefits including:

  • Book a Groom’s Day Event that creates a special environment for your big day!
  • Order Custom Tailored Suits to get the refined look and style that helps you present your very best
  • Team-building Work Events that help you find the productivity you need.
  • Couples Bridal Shower space for couples who want to share this special day together.
  • II Sons for Men Beard Trims & Straight Razor Shaves

Use our safe and secure PayPal option with your credit card. You don’t need to have a PayPal account to use it. Just have your own credit card handy. Click the button below to get a head start and buy BEFORE we officially launch! NOTE: members must be 21 or older to be a member or attend an event at The Gentlemen.


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II Sons for Men brings you the best experience a man can have....The Gentlemen - Social Event Club. Now you can relax and rejuvenate at ONE LOW PRICE. VIP benefits include:
  • Order Custom Tailored Suits and Shirts
  • 12 haircuts per year, + free BONUS haircut
  • An exclusive place to hang out and relax
  • 50% off normal room rental rates
  • Free accessory kits with purchase
  • Up to 10% off shave and hair products
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