We Tailor Men

“God Made Men, We Make Gentlemen”…This quote says it all about our passion to fine men’s Tailoring…Is clothing important? Does it truly make the man? No.
However, a wardrobe is a visual extension of one’s self image, and, for some, self expression is among the great joys of life.
Founded on the belief that a client should be thoroughly informed on every aspect of suiting, prior to making a purchasing decision, John and Michael Pendolino with the assistance of Basil Bespoke provide a luxury suiting experience like no other.  From an intense passion for every aspect of Bespoke clothing, we approach the business with three phase model
1) Advise our clients from the perspective of dressing for effect, not to be confused with dressing to impress or to just attract attention.
Our business is based on having one on one conversations with our customers about their business, civic, and social lifestyles and the image they want to project in each, specializing in custom Bespoke clothing and superior personal service isn’t our job, it is our passion!

2)    Fully explain the cost associated with wool and suiting to allow a client to make the most informed decision for their predetermined needs. Suiting begins at $599, so a client should know the difference between a suit of that caliber and every additional level of suiting available.
3)    Design & construction. This phase allows us to assist in creating a one of a kind piece, that makes every customer look their best, by discussing lapel style and width, button color and stitching, surgeon cuff button hole color selection, pocket styles and placement, and so much more.

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