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You wouldn’t think it but every man needs to own his own world. What does that mean, you might ask. It means that grooming is essential to creating a powerful, manly and tight world that the best of us live in. You have to be willing to spend a little time getting ready for the world if you are going to “own it.”

Of course, there are lots of ways and information out that more than willing to tell you their perspective on what they think. How are you supposed to whittle it all down so it makes sense? First, disregard everything and start with the basics.

Understand that there are 4 rules to follow.

  1. Treat your body right. That begins with diet and exercise.While this in itself is a huge ball of info to consume, it can be reduced to eat less, exercise more. You’ll reap the benefits. We’ll talk more about this in later posts. Like we said though. Start simple and basic.
  2. Have good hygiene. This may sound pretty self-explanatory but it’s not. How many people brush and floss every day even though the dentist tells you too every visit. See, sometimes we get told stuff and yet we refuse to follow the basics. Wash, rise, repeat. Start today and you’ll get noticed.
  3. Outlook on life is as important as the things you do in life. Having a positive perspective on what you do and who you are in itself can create a more positive direction. It doesn’t matter if you look good if you don’t have a good view of yourself to begin with. Others will see right through it.
  4. Dress right. Don’t hide all your goodness under a dirty pair of jeans cuz “all your bros” do the same thing. Be the stand ot version of your circle and pull them up. Don’t let them drag you down.

Okay – now that the basics are covered we can go deeper into each section…at another time. For now, remember that one of the ways you can keep to the basics to to find your own space to take care of yourself. The Gentlemen is that space. We look forward to sharing more about how you can unleash the man in you! Swing back around next time, or come by for a nice clean haricut and shave, or get fitted for your next suit. You’ll be better for it – and own a little more of your own world!

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